What We Do:

Events with Impact

At Vizion Group Public Relations…

Our name says it all, we are all about vision: visibility, perception, marketability, timeliness and building for the future. We take a dynamic, creative approach in working with our clients and partners, NBC Sports, American Century, ADT and Purina among others, to take the most time- and cost-effective approach to reaching consumers.


We want to know as much about you, your product, your message and your potential audience as you do. Then we go to the drawing board to determine the best approach and what media outlets are most effective for you. We draw on our vast array of top level media contacts to refine that plan and look for a totally unique presentation.

Event Planning & Execution

Vizion Group Public Relations is acutely aware of the value of creating special events to broaden consumers’ awareness and enjoyment in an entertaining fashion.

We, along with our parent company, Vizion Group, have been at the forefront of media-friendly events for more than 20 years developing, planning, executing and publicizing products through high visibility events and entertainment in fabulous locations across America — the canyons of New York City, the shores of Lake Tahoe and major U.S. cities.

Our events take on a stature of their own with the use of celebrity spokespeople and unique, entertaining elements that ring a bell with the target audience.